Alternative Education Week 2019

March 6, 2019

We believe that our Alternative Education Week is a crucial part of the learning of our students. In grades 6-9 all students spend 3 days in the outdoors. In grades 10-12 students have the choice of a number of different options.  Please see descriptions below:

Grade 6-9 – Junior Students

These camping experiences are an important part of community building. We are also building up the skills needed to participate successfully in our Senior Trips.  


Grade 6

Supervisors: Krista Neustaedter Barg, Paul Dyck

Location: Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre (Pinawa)

Dates: Monday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 19

The Grade 6 Outdoor Education experience is more of a retreat than camping. We will be heading out to Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre in Pinawa for 2 nights and 3 days. The major learning for students is how to be away from parents and being respectful in public spaces. Food and lodging is provided by Wilderness Edge. Our days and evenings are filled with swimming, rafting down a lazy river, hiking at Pinawa Dam, doing crafts and playing games together. This retreat has served as a celebration of the year together and a great time to have fun and grow socially as a group. Parent volunteers will be an essential part of the success of this retreat.


Grade 7

Supervisors: Vic Pankratz, Jen How, Helen Janzen

Location: Birds Hill Provincial Park, Group Use Area 1 Site 1

Dates: Monday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 19

In grade 7 activities include a midnight hike, devotions around the campfire, swimming, horseback riding (optional) and biking. Every participant will need a working bicycle as that is how we get around. This is a wonderful opportunity for our grade 7’s to be outside in nature for three days, to learn some camping skills and to interact with classmates and teachers.


Grade 8

Supervisors: Julia Thiessen, Terry Dirks, Raya Cornelsen, James Friesen

Location: White Lake Provincial Park

Dates: Monday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 19

In grade 8 students learn to set up their own tents and start their own cook stoves, as well as plan and cook their meals in food groups. Students have the opportunity to swim, play volleyball on the beach, enjoy group games, and participate in a talent show. We all hike together, and gather for evening firesides

Grade 9

Supervisors: Heidi Koop, Jeremy Siemens, Crys Wikki-T, Olivia Wiebe, Herb Guenther

Location: Rushing River Provincial Park (Ontario)

Dates: Tuesday, June 18 – Thursday, June 20

In grade 9 students have the opportunity to participate in some canoe training. They also swim, hike, play volleyball, read, relax, sing, and cook.


Grade 10 – 12 – Senior Students

The following are brief descriptions of options for senior students during Alternative Education Week, June 17-21. Students are asked to hand in the attached form to the office by Friday, March 15. Applications will begin to be accepted on Thursday, March 7. In some cases, space is limited, and requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis. German Exchangers are welcome to join. ESTers will be on their own adventure.

Please click here for the Senior High Alternative Ed Selection Form

Marsh and Mountain Canoe Trips

Supervisors: Bob Hummelt, Loren Brown, Jarrett Rempel, Lyndon Baerg, Sarah Janzen, Ross Brownlee

Max. Participants: 36 – 48

Cost: $70 with canoe, $130 if renting

Dates: Sunday, June 16, 8:00 A.M. – Thursday, June 20, 8:00 P.M.

Nothing beats going to the lake, especially when there’s no one else for miles around. Paddling on crystal clear lakes past towering cliffs and untouched wilderness, hearing the call of the loon or gazing up into the infinity of the cosmos, what could be better? Join us for four nights in the Experimental Lakes of Northwestern Ontario. Participants should be prepared for a relatively intense pace as we may portage up to 17 times. Students should also be ready with appropriate backcountry camping gear to cook and sleep at multiple different sites. Students will have a chance to choose extra options like a day with a fishing pro or exploring the cottages and camp of the ELA science facility. Students will be required to participate in canoe safety training.


Senior High Camping

Supervisors: Doug Durksen, Pat Koslowsky-Wiebe, Karina Fast

Approximate Cost: $100 – $150

Dates: Monday, June 17 – Thursday, June 20

Can you imagine waking up beside a crystal-clear lake, enchanting forest and roaming wildlife? (Deer only please.) Then this is the trip for you. You won’t even have to travel far as this can all be found in Manitoba’s backyard. This three night, four day hiking adventure takes place within Riding Mountain National Park. With over 400 km of hiking trails to choose from there will never be a dull moment, or an atrophied quadricep. These lucky hikers will conquer around 10 km per day, enjoy the beauty of nature and then relax in the evening at base camp for smores, stories and sleep.


Supervisors: Neil Ens, Wilma Johnson

Location: Westgate

Dates: Monday, June 17 – Thursday, June 19

Max. Participants: 8

This is an opportunity to be a part of the creative team designing the 2018-2019 yearbook. Duties include writing captions, placing articles, adjusting yearbook layouts, selecting and placing photographs, and creating graphic titles. We will run from 9-3:30ish each day, Monday to Thursday.

Urban Service

Supervisors: Charlotte Kroeker, Terina Henry

Want to stay close to home during Alternative Ed Week? Question is, how well do you know the city you call home? Delve deeper into the core of our city, getting to know and giving back to Winnipeg. Time to volunteer is sometimes hard to find, but we will dedicate four days to service learning in places like Siloam Mission, Inner City Youth Alive, Winnipeg Harvest, and one other place dealing with vulnerable youth (TBA).  The hope for the week is to meet new people, serve others, and have a meaningful experience.

Urban Recreation

Supervisors: Heidi Redfern, Jason Dyck, Ruth Dyck

Cost: To be determined, under $150. Most lunches will not be provided.

Dates: Monday, June 17 -Thursday, June 20

Four full days of joy-filled indoor and outdoor activity, tentatively including the new Activate Games (an active indoor gaming experience), go-karting, Flying Squirrel, golf, dragon boating, an escape room, vertical adventures, culinary classes (sushi, crepes and/or cake pop decorating), archery, frizz-knock, geocashing, yoga,  an exchange tour, soccer and bowling. Final itinerary will be determined by supervisors after discussion with the student group. There will be some choices in the schedule. (Think of this as a miniature DNTT week.)