About Westgate

Mission Statement

Westgate Mennonite Collegiate is a Christian school grounded in the Anabaptist tradition. It is the mission of the school to provide a well-rounded education, which will inspire and empower students to live as people of God.


As a Christian educational community within the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition, Westgate Mennonite Collegiate integrates academic learning with growth in character and faith, together with peacemaking and service to God and all creation. Westgate seeks to provide a quality academic education in the context of a faith community, upheld by our Christian values. We are convinced that learning, at its best, occurs when academics are bound together with faith and positive relationships. This is the vision that has nurtured Westgate for more than 65 years.

We will strive to regularly commit this vision and these goals to God in prayer, and we recognize the importance of the continued support of families and our supporting churches in this endeavor.


Striving for Academic Excellence:

Westgate strives to provide an academic environment which encourages academic excellence within the context of our Anabaptist faith. Westgate will:

  • offer a program of academic excellence recognized by both Manitoba Education and institutions of higher learning.
  • inspire academic achievement in order to broaden, enrich and challenge students’ learning and worldview.
  • enrich classroom learning with diverse extra-curricular opportunities for participation and leadership development.
  • enable students to weigh educational, life-style, vocational and voluntary service choices that offer healing and hope in our world.

Living Lives of Faith and Discipleship:

Westgate strives to provide an environment that encourages students to explore, understand and claim their own faith in Jesus Christ. Westgate will:

  • partner with the families and local Mennonite Church Manitoba congregations in the mission of Christian education.
  • teach the Bible as the story of God’s relationship with us and encourage students to participate in this story and to choose the way of Jesus in daily life.
  • lead students to understand, appreciate and identify with people of faith throughout history, with emphasis on the Anabaptist witness of faithful discipleship and service.
  • encourage students to belong to and actively participate in their local churches and provide opportunities for students to be involved in service, both locally and globally.
  • equip students to discern values in the world in order to responsibly participate and lead in their church, community and global society.

Sustaining a Nurturing Community:

Westgate will provide a safe, nurturing community where every student is included and encouraged to explore their gifts and find places of involvement and belonging. Westgate will:

  • foster a stimulating and safe school environment where students, faculty and staff reconcile individual freedom with mutual accountability and learn a wholesome respect for self and others.
  • help to develop respectful and ethical relationships, where each person is valued and where we are accountable for our actions, decisions and behaviours.
  • encourage and affirm students to do their very best, whether in academics, leadership, service, athletics, music or the arts.
  • give students the direction and the grace they need to succeed.
  • be a safe and inclusive space for all of our students.

The education of children is a shared responsibility of the school, the home and the church. Parents and teachers are partners in this endeavour and work together with mutual respect and support.

Serving Our Wider Community :

Westgate strives to promote healthy relationships between our school and the local and wider community. To that end, Westgate will:

  • foster opportunities for students and teachers to give back to the local community.
  • inform and invite participation from the community in Westgate events.
  • encourage interaction through drama, athletics, music and service.
  • encourage healthy living.
  • encourage global awareness, working toward fairness and equality in the world.
  • teach students to be generous stewards of their time and resources
  • teach students to respect the earth and tend to creation care.