Spiritual Life

Following the mission statement, Westgate strives to integrate its Mennonite foundation into the life of its program. Our school is grounded in our Anabaptist tradition and focuses on developing Biblical literacy and spiritual reflection. At the same time, we welcome and recognize the different Christian traditions and other faith traditions of our students. In fact, we believe that our foundation as a Mennonite school gives us the obligation to be a welcoming and loving place for all of our students whatever their tradition may be. We often say that we become richer as new students with new
traditions become part of our community.

Our schedule includes daily devotions and a weekly chapel. In these activities, students will be invited to sing, pray, and listen to various speakers speak about their faith. Once a year we hold a Spiritual Emphasis Week in which we hold extra chapels, invite guest speakers, and meet in small groups to delve deeper into a topic.

Furthermore, students will take one Christian Studies course in each grade. These courses invite our students to explore their beliefs within the context of a Mennonite school. The courses progress throughout their time at the school. In grades 6-8, students will explore Old and New Testament stories and themes. In grade 9, the focus is on Jesus and the early church. Grade 10 focuses on other religious
traditions such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Indigenous Spirituality. In grade 11, students will enter into the arena of Christian ethics. Finally, in grade 12, the focus is on Mennonite history and theology. Our hope is that through the progression of these courses and through participation in
devotions and chapel, students will gain a deeper and richer understanding of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

Chapel Theme 2024-2025

Reform & Renewal: Following The Way of Jesus

Anabaptism took shape 500 years ago, calling Christians to follow the way of Jesus by separating their faith from the authority and violence of the state, and by building communities where all can meet each other as equals before God. Many of the calls of Anabaptism are just as relevant today, in faith communities and in the wider world, and so we call ourselves to reform and renewal: to renew our commitment to follow in the way of Jesus, and to reform our practices in order to live out Jesus’ gospel of peace. 

Through our chapels, we will explore a variety of Anabaptist practices through Scripture and stories, and also by inviting Westgate students and staff to participate in these practices. These practices include: mutual aid, living simply, peacemaking, non-hierarchical leadership, consensus decision making, truth telling, practicing accountability, communion, and the baptizing of disciples.