All junior high students are enrolled in choir and need a uniform for performances. Grade 6 to 9 uniforms include a Westgate t-shirt, a navy Westgate vest, dark jeans (purchased on their own – no rips, tears, or distress), black socks, and black shoes with black soles. Grade 10 to 12 uniforms are similar but they will need a white long-sleeved dress shirt and black dress pants (purchased on their own – not jeans, leggings, or yoga pants) along with a Westgate vest.

Early in September, new and used uniforms are available for sale. Any families wishing to sell vests they no longer need are asked to have their clearly labelled items at school prior to the event. Throughout the year, further sales can be arranged through the business office.

Students playing in the band will rent instruments either directly from Westgate or from a local music store. We always recommend Yamaha instruments for their excellent quality. The annual fee for Westgate instrument rental is $200 and is due when invoiced. As a note, the local music stores charge about the same for their rental instruments. 


Choirs and bands perform at school functions throughout the year, such as Opening Program, Christmas Concert, and Spring Concert. Concert Choir and Concert Band help in leading six to seven worship services a year at our constituency churches. Students involved in music courses are expected to be at all performances in their uniforms.

Music Lessons:

We are fortunate to have professional musicians come to Westgate to teach our students in a supportive, one to one setting. There are teachers for all band and string instruments plus piano and voice. The lessons take place during the day, including before school, and at lunch time, if you prefer. Schedules are worked out between you and your private teacher.
A few guidelines to help with lesson preparation:
  • Westgate encourages lessons by allowing private lessons during the school day.
  • The lessons are an additional expense.
  • Lessons are offered for all band and string instruments, plus piano and voice.
  • Please sign up on the sheets outside of the band room in September.
  • If taking more than one lesson (ie. piano and clarinet), please work with your teachers to ensure your lessons are on different days at different times to avoid missing too much of one academic class.
  • If you have a test at the same time as your music lesson, it is your responsibility to switch your lesson time with another student, and be present for your test. The music teacher will work with you!
  • If you have a music lesson scheduled during an all school chapel, stay near the door so as to avoid a disruption to the chapel.
  • Ensure your lesson is not scheduled at the same time as regular Tuesday chapel.