Sponsoring Churches

Westgate Mennonite Collegiate is a Christian school grounded in the Anabaptist tradition. It is the mission of the school to provide a well-rounded education which will inspire and empower students to live as people of God.

We invite students to be involved in reflection that challenges and encourages Christian growth. Morning devotionals, chapel services, guest speakers and performers provide opportunities to worship God and to think about the vital questions of life. We recognize the importance of the church in our students’ lives, with the hope that school and church can complement each other.

The positive relationship between Westgate Mennonite Collegiate and church communities is extremely valuable. Westgate has long been seen as an extension of the church and we strive to continue partnering with church communities to raise the next generation to be people of God. People with a background of independent Christian school education are strongly represented among our church leaders and active church members. The school needs the church for support, as a sounding board, and as a body to whom the school is accountable.

Since a supportive relationship is firmly established between Westgate Mennonite Collegiate and the Mennonite Church Manitoba churches of Winnipeg, and since we recognize the fundamental importance of such a relationship between school and church, we encourage our students to be involved in church activities. In particular, we encourage them to join parents and friends in the programs offered by their home churches, to attend worship, to participate in youth activities, and to join choirs and church clubs. We also regularly visit our supporting churches, leading worship with our senior students.