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30S Accounting Principles

This course introduces students to financial principles and concepts which are valuable in both personal and business situations. Students will explore the steps involved in the accounting cycle, including the preparation of financial statements.

40S Accounting Systems
Prerequisite: Accounting Principles 30S

This course builds and expands upon the principles and concepts introduced in Accounting Principles 30S. Students will explore adjusting entries, merchandise purchases and sales, merchandise payments and receipts, merchandise inventory, special transactions and analyzing and interpreting corporate financial statements.

15S Life/Work Exploration

Career Development: Life/Work Exploration is a half-credit course that will help students acquire and apply knowledge and skills to make appropriate decisions for life, work, and the essential post-secondary education/training that is required in today’s economy. The learning components will provide students with opportunities to explore potential occupations, and to demonstrate employability skills, essential skills, and specific occupational skills. Students will explore topics in personal management, career exploration, and recognizing business opportunities.