6, 7, 8, 10G, 20G, 30S, 40S

Westgate offers German classes that are divided into regular and advanced streams.

Those coming to Westgate from the bilingual programs in Grade 6 and 7 will be placed in the advanced stream. All other students can choose German in Grade 7.

Those students coming in with little or no German will be placed in the regular stream. Grade 7 regular stream begins at the very beginning, assuming students have no prior understanding of the language.

Grade 7 and 8 German is needed as a prerequisite for Grade 9 German. In some cases, students may be allowed into Grade 9 German after writing an entrance test. Please speak with a German teacher by June as there may be some summer work that is required.

Entrance at Grade 10, 11 and 12 is only possible under exceptional circumstances and with certain language capabilities.

Students have the opportunity to participate in various field trips and the European Study Tour. Students in Grade 11 are invited to take part in a three-month German Exchange Program.

We offer an opportunity to write the Sprachdiplom Examinations (Standardized Language Levels recognized by the German Government and the European Union) at various grade levels:

A1 – Grade 10 regular stream
A2 – Grade 8 advanced stream or Grade 11 regular stream
B1 – Grade 9 advanced stream or Grade 12 regular stream
B2/C1 – Grade 12 students who are either in the advanced stream or who have been an Exchange student. This exam is the equivalent of a German university entrance exam.