Study Tours

Westgate has a long tradition of offering study tours to enhance classroom education. We have taken students to Germany, France, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Peru, and Paraguay.

Unlike many school trip programs, our study tours are developed and created entirely by our teachers. We have made valuable and long-lasting connections with people and communities in the countries we visit. This gives our study tours a more personal flavour as we visit and partner with people who are directly connected with us and who know our school.

It should be noted that we also have a German exchange program. Please contact our German department for further information.


Which grades go on the study tours?

The European Study Tour is for grades 10 and 11 while the Middle East Study Tour is for grades 11 and 12. Our Guatemala Study Tour has taken grades 9, 10, and 11 students.

How long are the tours?

The European Study Tour and the Middle East Study Tour are both three weeks long. Students miss about a week of school, and often will write exams early to finish off their courses in June.

How many people can go?

We try to make the study tours accessible for all students who wish to participate. This sometimes means that we change the scheduled trips depending on numbers.

How much do the study tours cost?

The cost of the study tour depends on the trip. The last Middle East Trip was $5200. The last Europe Trip was $4650. This amount includes everything including food.