Keeping Westgate Green

Our school is committed to being as earth friendly as possible. We invite all members of the school community to participate in the following initiatives:

Sustainable commuting

At Westgate, we have built a strong culture of active transportation (cycling, walking, etc.). Recognizing that this isn’t a viable option for all students, we also promote public transit and carpooling. Each fall, we offer a bus-buddy program that teaches younger students how to use Winnipeg Transit services. For families interested in  carpooling, each year we create a digital map that allows users to locate other Westgate families in their area.

Limiting Waste

As a community of 350+, we produce a lot of waste. Unfortunately, a lot of this waste is unnecessary or improperly disposed. To reduce waste, we encourage the use of reusable containers as a part of litter-less lunches. For the remaining waste, we encourage everyone to recycle and compost appropriately. Our industrial compost service allows all organic waste to be composted (meat, bones, dairy, fruit/vegetables, etc.)

Fostering Positive Relationships with Nature

Between field trips, Alternative Education Week, and Marsh and Mountain outings, Westgate students have many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. We hope that these outings can provide students with a deeper appreciation for the natural world and their place within it. To this end, we ask that students follow Leave No Trace principles and minimize their impact on the environments that they visit.