Social Studies


Grade 6 Social Studies explores the history of Canada since 1867. Students explore themes in Canadian history through project work and story.


This course explores people and places in the world and examines global quality of life. Ways of life in Africa and Asia as well as human impact in Europe and the Americas are explored.


This course explores the social and political histories of ancient civilizations by focusing on their laws, behaviours and values. Topics covered include: early humans, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, and the Middle Ages.

10F Social Studies

This course explores diversity, democracy, and governance in Canada through an examination of immigration, media, politics, and current events. Students will engage in experiential learning with visits to the Legislative Assembly and the law courts.

20F Geography

This course focuses on a variety of issues and challenges in the contemporary world. Students develop skills related to geographical thinking while studying concepts related to ownership and development of natural resources, production and distribution of food, development of industry and trade, and increasing urbanization. A research essay will be assigned to develop research and writing skills.

30F History

Students study the history of Canada from pre-European contact to the present. Students practice and learn historical thinking skills like how to read primary sources, how to evaluate historical significance, and how to connect cause and consequence in order to tell a continuous story of our past. A major essay will be assigned to learn research and argument skills, and to delve more deeply into one topic.

40S History of the 20th Century Through Cinema

This course uses film as the medium for teaching history since 1900. The course examines political and social histories of the world as well as delving into media literacy, bias and cinematography.