Phys. Ed.

6, 7, 8

These courses emphasize the acquisition and application of the skills that are considered the building blocks for developing physical, social and emotional well-being. The intent of the curriculum is to help students develop the necessary skills to promote healthy lifestyles including physical activity, healthy dietary behaviours and injury prevention.

10F, 20F

These courses are designed to help students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude to lead physically active and healthy lifestyles. A variety of learning experiences will be provided that focus on increasing student competence and confidence in the areas of: movement, fitness management, safety, personal and social management, and healthy lifestyle practices.

21G Outdoor Education

The goal of this course is to foster an appreciation for creation and nature in students, while equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully and safely navigate a range of outdoor activities. Instruction will be split between in-class lessons and experiential outdoor activities.

30F, 40F Active Healthy Lifestyles

These compulsory full-credit courses are designed to help youth take greater ownership of their own physical fitness, to encourage them to seek out activities that interest them and to help them engage in active and healthy lifestyles. Students will study topics related to fitness management, nutrition, sexual health, social/emotional health, mental health, and the social impact of sport. The focus of this content will be on health and personal planning.