Student Policies

Phone Policy:

Because we would like our community to be a warm and welcoming space, we have asked our students to restrict their phone use. Parents are requested to help create this positive environment by recognizing that texts and calls will not necessarily be received immediately.

Teachers will have different rules about phone use in the classroom. Many classes have Phone Hotels into which students are asked to place their phones before entering the class. However, teachers may allow students to use their phones for certain projects or research. Teachers may also allow a few minutes of phone time at the end of the class to let students update their calendars for homework or to just catch up on some of their connections.

Note that there is a student phone located in the atrium.

Off Campus Privileges:

Junior students (grades 6 to 9) are to remain on campus from their arrival at the school until the end of the school day. If parents wish to pick up their child for either an off campus lunch or for an appointment, they are asked to let the office know by phone, email, or note. Students should stop by the office on their way out to sign out.

Senior students (grades 10 to 12) are allowed to leave campus during lunch hour and spares. Students must sign in and out at the office so that in the event of an emergency, their whereabouts are known.