Visual Arts

The overall goal of the program is to develop students’ ability to represent and express their ideas through visual arts. Students will develop and apply their understanding of the elements, and principles of art in creating their own work. The program is meant to improve visual literacy in such a way that students will have a basis to be able to understand and critique art.


Students will study the basic elements of art through the use of various media including pencil, pastel, watercolour and clay.  Students will work in two and three dimensional formats. They will study the use of elements of art in professional work and attempt to apply the ideas learned to their own work.


Students will review and expand on their understanding of the basic elements and principles of art. This course will emphasize the learning of basic techniques in portraiture, drawing of the human figure, watercolour, perspective and the creation of landscapes. The course will attempt to use a variety of media in this exploration.


Students will be expected to critique work and the application of the elements and principles of art in the creation of their work. They will explore the relationship between ideas, skills and design concepts in their own and professional art.


Students will continue to explore new media and apply the skills learned in previous years. Emphasis will shift from techniques to visual literacy, using art to convey meaning. This course will provide wider boundaries for the students, allowing greater scope for their own personal exploration and creation of art.