Parent Association

The Who – What – Where – When – Why of the Parent Association!

“Who is the P.A.?” Having a child enrolled at Westgate automatically makes each parent/guardian a member of the Parent Association. There is also a small P.A. “executive” that includes the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

“Parent Association website?”

“What does the P.A. do?” The Parent Association meets monthly to get to know one another, discuss topics of interest, areas of concern, and to plan up-coming events. The P.A. runs four fundraisers (ongoing cookbook sales, October perogy and farmer sausage, November Sobey’s gift cards, and February “food”) to raise money that directly affects student learning, their school environment, and/or their safety. In the past we have purchased novels for the English Department, heart rate monitors, a DDR Machine, an AED machine, and other equipment for the Phys. Ed. Department, plants and flowers for the schoolyard, sink, taps and plumbing for the Science Department, instruments for the Band Department, a junior high tent for Alternative Education Week, and smartboards, cameras, and laptops for the library and student services areas!

The Parent Association holds two workshops, one a fall parent/student educational evening, and the other a winter parent information session. The P.A. also hosts the “new family potluck dinner”, runs a “staff appreciation” celebration, and sends a representative (President or designate) to attend the monthly Westgate Board Meetings.

“Where does the P.A. communicate with its community?” The Parent Association has a regularly monitored email address where you can ask questions or suggest items for discussion at upcoming P.A. meetings. You can reach out to the Westgate Parent Association at The P.A. sends a monthly “e-news” one week before each Parent Association meeting that includes a proposed meeting agenda, information on up-coming activities, and a call for “help” when needed. The school website has a direct link to the P.A. which will try to keep everyone up-to-date.

“When can I meet other P.A. members?” You are always welcome to attend any or all of the monthly 7:00 p.m. Parent Association meetings (usually the second Wednesday of the month). Meetings run approx. 1- 11/2 hours. There are always opportunities to be an “active” Parent Association member.

“Why should I help the Parent Association?” There are so many families in the Westgate school community. If each family volunteered 1-2 hours a year the small group that has been working so hard on your behalf would have a much easier time of things. Life is busy for everyone with work, kids, home-life, church, volunteering, etc. How about making a small change this year and attend a meeting or two, chair a fundraiser, help with a fundraiser (pick-up, sort, or distribute), or attend one of our workshops. Please try to find the time – we need your support and your help!