Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it mean that you are a Mennonite school?

Westgate is a school that is founded in the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition. We are operated through our connection with supporting churches. The school was founded by these churches 60 years ago and is still supported by them to this day.
See more on our Mission Statement Page here: https://westgatemennonite.ca/westgate/

2. We are not Mennonite. Can we still apply?

About half of our student body does not come from the Mennonite community. All are welcome and we have a strong tradition of having a wide range of belief in our student body. Being a faith based school allows us to discuss our similarities and differences in ways that are meaningful and life-giving.

3. What are the added expectations that come from Westgate being a Mennonite school?

Students take a Christian Studies course each year. These courses cover Biblical topics, Mennonite history, ethics, and even world religions. Students are expected to attend weekly chapels and be present for classroom devotions.

4. Our student is coming from French or German Immersion. Will they lose all their language?

Our language programs pride themselves on being very strong. Students in these programs have done very well on rigorous exams and contests in their senior years.

5. We don’t speak any additional language as home. Can our student still start a language?

Students with no previous level of German or French may enter the regular stream in grade 6 or 7. Starting a new language in grade 9 has happened, but requires a deep commitment, strong self- motivation and a certain level of aptitude.

6. Do your students have to wear uniforms?

We do not have uniforms for regular school but there is a uniform for our musical performances.

7. Will my child be able to play on sports teams?

All students in grades 6, 7, and 8 will be able to play on school sports teams if they are committed to showing up for practices. In grades 9 to 12, the teams become more competitive and there are try-outs. However, there are many physical activity options for all students such as the cross country team which accepts all those who like to run.

8. Do you have an IB program?

We do not have the size to accommodate an IB program. However, we offer some AP classes in grade 12.