Outside the Classroom

Co-Curricular Programs

As part of a total curriculum, we want to present positive opportunities for learning and socializing in settings outside the classroom and we feel fortunate to be able to offer these activities to our students.
Days like these are an important part of the education Westgate Mennonite Collegiate offers. We are excited to reestablish many of these programs after we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic.

DNTT (Definitely Not The Tour)

Westgate’s music program includes an extensive music tour every second year.

With so many students involved in this event, regular senior classes are not conducted. Instead, senior students not on tour will participate in seminars and activities in a specially planned DNTT week. The DNTT sessions give students a wide choice of cultural, technical, artistic and environmental activities that complement many subject areas. These are considered instructional days and as such, attendance during these school days is compulsory.

Alternative Education Week

Westgate is distinctive in having its entire student body participate in outdoor or study tour activities during the week following exams in June. Junior classes enjoy campouts in provincial parks. Senior students can participate in a Study Tour when one is offered, a Marsh and Mountain Club trip (alternating between cycling, hiking and canoeing), a service venture, or a variety of sessions that take advantage of events and activities in or near the city. These are considered instructional days and as such, attendance during these school days is compulsory.

. . . and there is so much more!

  • Camping trips
  • Chapel
  • Music tours
  • Church visitation
  • Cyclathon
  • Games Club
  • Grade 9 Retreat
  • Halloween Activities
  • Interschool sports
  • Intramural sports
  • Marsh and Mountain Club
  • Peace and Justice Activities
  • Peer Support
  • Photography Club
  • Plays and Musicals
  • Senior Day
  • Service/Learning tours
  • Ski Trip
  • Spirit Week
  • Student Councils
  • Study Tours
  • Talent Shows
  • Community Service Day
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Beach Day
  • GSA
  • Drivers Education Location
  • Private Music Lessons
  • German Exchange Program
  • Co-curricular Programs
  • Green Action Team