German Language and Video Contest Winners 2017

Westgate Winners of the Manitoba German Language Contest 2017

Congratulations! to the 29 Westgate Finalists at the Manitoba German Language Contest on February 27, 2017.  Westgate had 9 Students on the podium for the top three spots in their categories.

Junior A

  1. Sam Ludwig

Junior C

  1. Carson Greenall

Intermediate A

  1. Isaak Fast

Intermediate C

  1. Paul Rempel
  2. Joe McCallum
  3. Toby Bergmann

Senior A

  1. Jaymi Fast
  2. Lukas Neustaedter

Senior C

  1. Kadie Nykvist
  2. Everett Giesbrecht
  3. Meghan Hiebert

Kadie Nykvist was the 1st place winner of the Senior C category for the Manitoba German Language Contest 2017 and earned a study trip to Germany courtesy of the PAD on behalf of the German government. Luckily, she and Mamie Kroeker-Tom also won a Video Contest from PASCHNET and was awarded the same trip from another agency. The Language Contest was happy to pass on the prize to the 2nd place winner in the A category and Kadie will go on the trip in July.