Spiritual Emphasis Week: Gospel of Mark – an adventure story!

Bryan Moyer Suderman is our guest speaker for Spiritual Emphasis Week. Throughout the week he will use pieces of the Gospel of Mark as an adventure story.

After Jesus died on the cross and appeared again to his followers, these followers started to tell the story of Jesus far and wide! But at first very few of these stories were written down. Then, some 30 or 40 years later, the Gospel of Mark was written. Most people who study this stuff believe this is by far the earliest Gospel, which means these are the first stories we have about Jesus’ life on earth.

In the Gospel According to Mark, Jesus is clearly on an adventure, healing the sick, ridding people of demons, and feeding hungry crowds. But he’s not always happy about it. He shows worry, he gets frustrated, and he has a bunch of disciples that just don’t get who he is. And in case you didn’t know, the ending gets pretty dramatic!

All students are encouraged to read along with this exciting book. The New Living Translation is attached below