Leonard Bueckert

WOW, 50 years!   I was taken aback when Renate mentioned the time frame. Marie and I comment on our wedding anniversaries that we have been married longer than we lived at home with our parents. Time does fly by.

Marie and I were married July 1, 1967; I have no difficulty in remembering our wedding anniversary and I do enjoy how Canada celebrates Canada Day, for me it’s like a 2 for 1 special! We have two girls, Lisa lives in Morden with her husband Mike and two daughters, Charlotte and Hayley and Lori lives in Winnipeg with her daughter Ruby.   My working career was varied, interesting and always involved the public. People are fascinating; and as an auditor for Revenue Canada it was a constant challenge to meet with the public in their homes and discuss their most personal financial matters and business practices. Audits included proprietors, partnerships, scientific research & experimental development and the underground economy. Interesting and challenging as the various positions were, I transferred to Agriculture Canada for the last 8 years of my career. I travelled across Canada visiting farm operations in almost all parts of Canada, from the wineries in the Okanogan to the dairy farms in the Annapolis Valley. There were many mornings on my way to a farmer’s home I would look around, slap myself and say “and I’m being paid to be here”. As I said, people are interesting, writing this I can’t help but recall many occasions that were pure enjoyment talking with strangers across Canada.

I retired at age 60 and for 8 months I enjoyed life without any specific requirements. Marie carried on working and I well I was free to do as I pleased. Later I worked for a Chartered Accountant and did some tax work for a few clients. I found dealing with Revenue Canada far too frustrating. I currently do some bookkeeping for a client and I operate a seasonal business, Casinos Royale. My brother started the business 30 years ago; after he passed away I purchased the business and have enjoyed the experience the last five years. Health is always an issue as we age; Marie and I have together faced several health issues. Her constant support and presence together with fantastic medical care have allowed us to meet the challenges.   I am also actively involved with the Manitoba Prostate Cancer Support Group as a board member and presenter.

My life is full, my life is challenging and I expect many more years of new experiences with Marie, my children and my grandchildren. See you in September!!!