Philippines Relief Fundraiser a Success!

Students response to the Typhoon that hit the Philippines in early November was, “We’ve got to do something!” After a brief meeting during a lunch hour two grade 12 students, Maya Janzen and Genevieve Giesbrecht together with Lindsay Unger from the school cafeteria and the Peace and Justice Student Advisor, Krista Neustaedter Barg led the school community to do just that.

The “something” ended up being raising almost $7000.00 (to be matched by the Canadian Government) and having 100+ people enjoy a lovely Filipino meal, fellowship and a time of learning on Wednesday November 27, 2013. Guests speakers, Ron Janzen (Mennonite Central Committee) and Gordon Janzen (Mennonite Church Canada) shared images and stories of the situation in the Philippines as well as hopes of how the money raised will be spent to bring healing and hope to the people.

Thanks to all the families that sent in cheques and food.
Thanks to Lindsay Unger and her staff for cooking the delicious meal.
Thanks to Leni Sarmiento for providing the spring rolls for all.
Thanks to Yasmin Banares for baking and donating the cake door prize.
Thanks to the 70+ students who donated time and loose change.
Thanks to Tall Grass Prairie Bakery for donating bread for all.
Thanks to Ten Thousand Villages and the Flag Shop for lending us decorations.

Thanks to all for coming out and supporting this cause in all the various ways!

“I was hungry and in need and you gave me food and comforted me.” — Jesus