Creating Inspiring Spaces for Learning & Leadership


The Westgate Redevelopment Project is primarily the work to remove and reconstruct the aged middle section of the school. Rebuilding this part gives Westgate the opportunity to create a modern, efficient and accessible space that will meet the requirements of Westgate’s distinctive programs. Most importantly, this project will ensure that Westgate can continue to deliver a quality education to inspire and empower student to live as people of God.

Key Features

  • Separate practice spaces for choral and band classes
  • New junior high science lab
  • Fitness room
  • Centrally located general office
  • Glass atrium circulation space to greet and gather students and guests
  • Elevator that will make the entire building universally accessible.
  • Energy-efficient lighting, heating, and fresh-air systems.

Budget Status

  • A Class B Construction Budget of $8.5 million was developed by Bockstael Construction in 2013. Bockstael has reviewed it since that time as the design has evolved, and the Redevelopment Committee is satisfied that this is still a reasonable cost estimate for planning purposes. This estimate includes:
    • Cost escalation allowance.
    • Design and construction contingencies.
    • Vaulted ceiling in the choir room
    • Cantilevering the entire back width of the addition to add floor space to main and second floors without expanding the foundation.
  • Typical of all construction projects, Westgate will have project-related costs in addition to the construction contract, including relocation costs, consulting, legal and insurance, contingencies, & taxes. When these are added to the construction budget, this forms the Board-approved Project Budget of $10.5 million.

Contract Status

  • Bockstael Construction was selected as Construction Manager in Spring of 2013, in response to a Request for Proposals sent to eight Construction Management firms. Part of Bockstael’s contract is to provide pre-tender cost estimates and provide input to the design.
  • Bockstael’s initial budget was provided in May 2013, and with further refinements of the drawings was revised in September 2013. As the detailed construction plans are developed further Bockstael will continue to check that the design stays within the budget.
  • Where possible Bockstael has worked with sub-trades from within the Westgate community to assist with the costing. However, no contracts have been awarded for any part of the construction work to any trades or sub-contractors, since the construction drawings are not yet complete and the project has not been issued for bid pricing. When the project is tendered to invited trades, our intention is to ensure that any qualified contractors from the Westgate community are included in the process.

Legal Status

  • Westgate’s development application was approved by the City of Winnipeg at a Public Variance Hearing in spring of 2012.
  • The Armstrong Point Association’s (APA) legal challenge against the City’s approval of the variance was unsuccessful at the Court of Queen’s Bench in February 2013.
  • The APA appealed to the Manitoba Court of Appeal on December 20, 2013. The appeal was dismissed by the courts, and the decision cannot be further appealed to any higher court.

Significant Milestones

  • Phase 1 (up to 50% of Design Development Phase) is complete.
  • Phase 2 (completion of design up to tender-ready drawings): the architect and their engineers are proceeding with the work to complete the drawings and specifications to a permit and tender-ready set by December 2015.
  • Phase 3 (Construction): A fundraising target of $8 million must be reached before proceeding. The target to achieve this milestone is January 2016.
  • Permit Deadline: One of the conditions of the 2012 Variance Hearing approval is that the development permit shall be applied for no later than December 2015.

Capital Campaign

  • As of Spring 2015 the pledges and donations to the campaign are over 50% of the estimated construction budget.
  • The latest capital campaign information can be found on Westgate’s website at .