Westgate’s Community Service Day Fundraiser!

The Westgate Community Service Day is an opportunity for the students of Westgate to serve others and connect to our larger Winnipeg Community. On Wednesday, May 15th, instead of spending the day in classes, students and staff will volunteer for a Winnipeg non-profit organization or institution.

Community Service Day also builds community through fundraising. We invite you to support the work of our school (learning, acting, relationship building, volunteering, etc.) by giving a donation. Thank you for supporting Westgate!


Donating through e-Transfer: accounting@westgatemnnonite.org

Donating through CanadaHelps [Debit/Credit Card]: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/101271

Please let the student you are supporting know the donation amount you gave for them so that they can track their fundraising efforts. Thank you!