2023 German Exchange

My experience with the German Exchange has been one of the best extra curricular events I’ve done with Westgate so far and I would definitely recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about not just the German language but also making new friends and building connections all over the world. My favourite event done within the exchange was probably our retreat to Camp Cedarwood at the very beginning. It gave us all a chance to make friends with the other people, not just with our exchange partners. I convinced my exchange partner Pauline to go canoeing with me on the first day and I was able to meet other people from Germany that I became close friends with. Even after we flew to Germany, I continued to meet up with all of the friends I had made before and we even organized a barbecue with all the Canadians and their exchange partners. According to Frau Kroeker this is an opportunity to make your family bigger and your world smaller.- Emily Froese (’24)