Bursary Banquet Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Spring Bursary Banquet last night. It was wonderful to come together and celebrate. Thank you for your ongoing support of Westgate.

Prize #1: Cruising Around Town

Ticket Number: 0226 – Dawn Dunford

Prize #2: Host With The Most

Ticket Number: 0255- LeAnn Friesen

Prize #3: Cozy At Home

Ticket Number: 0207- Kym Antonation

Prize #4: Blissful Day

Ticket Number: 0103- Julia Thiessen

Prize #5: Best Of Manitoba

Ticket Number: 0298- Connie Kines

Prize #6: Unwind Prize

Ticket Number: 0289- Connie Kines

Prize #7: Keeping Up With The Times

Ticket Number: 0253- Preet Dhingra

Prize #8: Grand Getaway

Ticket Number: 0213- Martin Enns