French and German at Westgate

Parents who value language acquisition have come to appreciate the success Westgate students have in developing working abilities in French and German by graduation.  Westgate has long been known for its high quality German program that can accommodate students from German bilingual school along with the 80% of our students who have no German speaking in their background when they come in either Grade Six or Seven.  Our students are perennial winners in several German Language Contest categories and it is marvelous to see Grade Eleven students board a plane bound for their German Exchange experience despite not knowing the difference between a Fenster and a Tür when they stepped into our junior high.  Senior students prepare for the Sprachdiplom Exam where a standing in the B2/C1 level allows Grade 12 level entry into a German University if they choose. We have had a very high pass rate for this exam and at present three of our alumni are studying at a university in Germany.

In years past, families who are interested in faith education for their children were concerned that language capacity will slip if their kids come from a French immersion elementary school.  While not an immersion experience, students interested in French can find their challenge in either advanced or regular streams of French instruction.  With engaging classes that activate listening, writing, reading and speaking skills, graduating students, as of three years ago, can measure their proficiency in participating in DELF (Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Francaise) to earn a B2 Level certificate awarded by the French Ministry of Education.  This standing is recognized as fulfilling the French language entrance requirements by French universities as well as some Canadian universities.  In the last three years eight Westgate students have received this distinction, assuring students that their ability in French has not lagged in a core French program at Westgate.

Junior students must study either French or German, with many choosing both.  Both language departments would delight in answering questions about their respective programs and the office staff would be pleased to connect them with anyone who wishes to discuss our language programs further.