2014 Junior One Act Plays

On January 30th and 31st the junior high students of Westgate Mennonite Collegiate presented their annual One-Act Plays at the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre. What a beautiful evening of talent, music, tears and laughter. It all started with a play about a bench. If park benches could talk they would share a lot. The bench shared its story of community. Students will never look at a park bench the same way again.
From talking benches to talking bugs, Time Flies cracked the audience up. Lack of time did not allow the bugs to miss out on love and the audience did not miss out on laughter as the two bugs express their fears of the 24 hour lifespan journey.
Young love is quite the journey, and speed dating is often the way to go. Sure Thing showed us that finding the perfect partner is not always an easy task. Every time the bell rang, the audience was in for a surprise.
The Westgate students and staff were all in for a big surprise with Montana Jones and the Gymnasium of Doom. Westgate students followed Montana Jones on his quest through the Gates of Doom, risking perils down halls uncannily similar to those at Westgate in an attempt to find the ultimate treasure. The treasure was eventually found, but not like the one discovered by the audience.
An evening of theatre at the Franco Manitoba was a fabulous experience for everyone involved. The stage crew, make-up, lights and sound and actors all pitched in to make another successful two nights! Well done juniors!