Oak Hammock Marsh – Grade 12 Biology 2013

The grade 12 Biology class spent a beautiful fall day studying wetlands ecology at Oak Hammock Marsh September 18. Students took water samples from the intake and mid – marsh locations and tested them for a large range of parameters, including dissolved gases, nitrogen and phosphorous levels, pH and hardness.

They hunted invertebrates throughout the water column, using everything from dip nets to dredges, with some even donning chest waders to get up close and personal to their quarry. In conjunction with a wildlife survey (primarily migratory birds) and a “random” quadrat sample of marsh flora, students had the opportunity to gain a good understanding of biodiversity in prairie wetlands.

The importance to the marsh of naturally fluctuating water levels, and wetlands’ critical role in the health of Lake Winnipeg, especially in the reduction of phosphate levels became more tangible with the hands-on experience.

Many thanks to Mr.Unger for joining us. And driving the bus.