$25,000 Gift Broadens Scope of Westgate’s Scholarship Program

What retirement gift do you give to your father?  A watch? A photo collage jigsaw puzzle? Maybe a set of golf clubs?  For Westgate Alumnus, Dr. Aaron Brown (’95), the choice to honour his father was nothing less than to establish a $25,000 scholarship.

Dr. Brown established the Dr. Peter Douglas Brown Graduate Studies Scholarship after discussing some unique ways to honour is father’s retirement with Westgate’s Director of Development, John Loewen.  Says Loewen, “Through a very efficient exchange of emails, we agreed on the scope and terms of the scholarship and it was very humbling to receive and appreciate the size of the gift.  We had no idea of an amount to expect.  $25,000 is a very generous gift and it’s exciting to consider the difference this scholarship will make for qualified Westgate alumni now and into the future.”

The power of Dr. Brown’s gift is that it not only honours his father, it will touch Westgate Alumni in a unique and supportive way.  Further, where traditional retirement gifts like wrist watches or ties break down or go out of fashion, this scholarship is endowed and will endure as long as our school exists.

Most Westgate scholarships are awarded to returning students or Westgate graduates of the current year.  This scholarship reaches to the wider Westgate community in recognizing and supporting Westgate Alumni who are investing in their professional careers.

The scholarship will support Westgate graduates who have completed at least 3 years at Westgate and are enrolled in a Graduate Studies Program of any kind.

We invite any Westgate Graduates accepted to or enrolled in a Graduate program to apply for the scholarship.  Please contact the Development office for applications or for more information.

Click here for the Dr. Peter Douglas Brown Graduate Studies Scholarship Criteria